Tuesday, 15 August 2017

5 ways to rock the Silk Scarf ...

Silk scarves are back guys! Can we say RIRI revived this trend? 

These scarves can be rocked in different ways to accentuate your style and instantly brighten up your outfits. They come in different patterns & colours, they can be rocked in a zillion ways. I ll share some of them with you.

        1)    The RIRI style

This is smokin’ hot, let your hair down, scarf tied half way, big loop earrings, off shoulder blouse and shades, you are good to roll & turn heads.

2)    The "Boujee" style
 Do you want that "gangsta" look? Fold the scarf into a strap and tie round your hair. Don't forget to pair with big Black shades.

3)    The "Bow" style
 Tie in a bow round your hair.

4)    The Neck wrap

5)    Accessorize your jeans and bags 
Why don't you wrap silk scarfs on the handle of you tote bags. It enhances the beauty and makes it look different, just like a new one.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Blast from the past...

You just got invited to an 80s or 90s themed party...lost on what to wear? 

Don't fret. These ideas would make you look like you just freshly jumped out of the 80s or the 90s.
Guys, the good things about this is....a lotta trends from the past are in & hot now! 

Here are some ways to dress the theme and still look as chic and gorgeous as possible. 

Palazzos (Bell Bottoms) are the ish! Pair them with a turtle neck, ruffled chiffon blouse and a beret.... you are good to roll.

Oversized tops paired with pop socks.

Pleated skirts and blouses
Ruffled and High collared chiffon blouses

Sequined and bright coloured outfits

Lastly, your accessories, they are key in making that final statement. Rock giant loop earrings, Bowler hats, Afro wigs, pearls, arm gloves, fascinator and massive eyeglasses