Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Hound’s-tooth : Rock The Pattern, Not The Bite!!!

Has anyone ever imagined that a “dog-tooth shape” can be considered fashionable? Beats me!


The hound’s-tooth pattern is a duotone pattern with broken checks and the textile was created in Scotland, originated in woven wool cloth as early as 1885! It is also known as the dog-tooth, because the checks that make up the design resemble a dog’s canine. A smaller version of this pattern is called a puppy-tooth.  

A lot of fashion trends breeze in and fizzle out within a short time but the hound’s-tooth pattern does not. It has been around since 1885 and your guess is as good as mine: it’s not going out of fashion anytime soon! The pattern often comes in black and white; though, sometimes, it comes in a variety of other shades like yellow, green, red etc.


The hounds tooth pattern is seen on items such as dresses, cardigans, shoes, bags, belts et al. You also see this pattern on household items, phone cases, duvet, iPad cases, mugs, nail art amongst others. This shows the versatility of the trend.

 “Classic makes no mistakes”; rock the hounds-tooth design in the work place and create that classic impression.



Anonymous said...

Intellectually fashionable

Trendy Rammy said...

lovely fashion piece

SassySaffy said...

Thanks dear

Anonymous said...

I own a skirt. Versatile fashion piece