Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Floral Blazer!!!

Its Feminine, Its Beautiful, Its Versatile, Its  Colourful..... The Floral Blazer!

The Floral Blazers are easy to rock, as they can be paired with plain and simple pieces, still giving that Preppy look . This single piece adds instant Glam to your outfit.The versatility of this trend cannot be over-emphasized & I'm loving every bit of it.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Cool in Kimono!!!

Hey Ladies! Guess what I have for y’all today? It’s the Kimomo! Yes, I mean the ‘thing to wear’!!!

For this Japanese traditional garment, the ki means "wear" and mono means "thing" so yeah, it really is the "thing to wear"! *cheesy grin*
Gone are the traditional full-length robes, they have been replaced with shorter trendier styles and have become a staple for most stylish ladies. They are T shaped straight-lined robes with flared sleeves and the last thing they are is clingy so when you really ain’t in the mood for clingy outfits, just throw a kimono on. Better still, you can wear your clingy outfits and just slip a Kimono on it, they are great for covering up the bulges *wink*!

Kimonos come in different styles and prints, they can be short, long, over-sized, striped, plain, floral et al….. and they can be worn on anything; Jeans, skirt or even Bodycon dresses. 

Kimonos are stylish, chic and bring an exotic flavor to your dressing. So don’t dull ladies, go get a ‘thing to wear’!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Monochrome AsoEbi.....The Blues!!!

The Monochrome Aso Ebi trend has come to stay.....Check out these lovely styles in Blue, as you all know I love the Blue colour, especially the "Electric" "Cobalt" or "Biro-Blue".....This trend is simply Chic and timeless, you stand out uniquely among the Crowd.


Friday, 19 June 2015

Ramadan Kareem!!!

Alhamdulilah! The blessed month of Ramadan is here AGAIN!!!!  
Here is wishing all Muslim readers a blissful Ramadan season. May Almighty Allah accept all our acts of Ibadah. During this season, we encourage our Muslim readers to cover their hair stylishly or wear Hijabs (For those who wish to). Click here to read up on our previous post on “Scarf Styles for the season”
ROCK!!! As you cover up this season!

Mariabahabikun ya Ramadan!!!



During this period of Ramadan the dress code is more restrained as Muslim kamdolls are expected to cover their legs, shoulders and arms. Though this is not universal, but in some stricter quarters, even the wearing of jewellery is not allowed during this period. This should however not cost you to lose cool style points, and because we always—always have your back, we give one theme that is very conservative, easy to pull and also style…the black & white (monochrome)! See how these beautiful Muslim kamdolls style up their hijab with black & white style!…

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