Friday, 22 May 2015

Coloured Braids...Yay!!! Or Nay!!!

Blue, Red, Purple, Wine, Grey, Mint, Gold, Brown……..etc. etc. etc.…

These are the braid colours on the trend scene. The bold colours are for the fierce and daring and the more muted ones for the not so daring.

There is just one rule to rocking this trend and that is to choose a colour you are comfortable with!
So are you daring or not so daring? 
What colour would you ROCK? 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Ripped in Style

They are back! 

The ripped denim trend is back from the 90s and they are hotter than ever!! These super-trendy distressed jeans come in a variety of styles. 

This post will focus mainly on the Ripped Denim skirts….Skirts are feminine and charming, they bring out the lady in you but these ripped skirts do a lot more than that. In addition, they are sassy, cute, young, fresh, stylish and sexy………… especially when paired with denim shirts. You look at once to be a buddy……a really sexy one!

The freshest way to wear denim this season is from “top-to-toe” but when wearing denim on denim, it’s important to note that lighter shades of denim draw attention to the body areas they cover, while darker colours create a slimming effect.

So pair two different tones or a slight variation of the same tone, and just rock it!!!

See below for chic ways to rock this trend!