Friday, 29 August 2014

♪♪♪ Planta time is Party time……♪♪♪

If you are from my generation,  am sure you will remember the famous Planta margarine song…… we heard it practically every morning for what seemed like years! I wonder what happened to it….. * Pensive *

Anyway, unlike the Planta margarine, its colours of Cobalt and Yellow have come to stay. This combination is making rounds in the fashion scene right now and it actually looks great! Gone are the days when people pair a bright colour with a dull one; nowadays, people go as bright as they dare. And if you really are daring, the Planta way is the way to go!



They say the colour yellow symbolizes warmth, happiness and sunshine…..

While colour blue, of which cobalt is a shade symbolizes trust, strength, coolness……I mean, some people are even blue blooded!