Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Stylish Man dresses just the way he wants to be in the Spot-light @ Work and @ Play

It is not very difficult to spot a guy who knows how to be well put together; he’ll ooze style and understatedly command the respect and admiration of colleagues and friends. From his choice of pants, to shirts, belts, shoes, ties and even socks, the upwardly mobile, Corporate worker must know what’s in vogue; what sits well on him and what does not. Ultimately, because the Office is not a place to slack on style.


A stylish man should never be caught off-guard, no matter the occasion. Whether hanging out with friends, going for a wedding, going to the beach or engaged in a basketball game with friends, he knows what number works and what does not.

This section, The Stylish Man, will regularly dish out tips on how you can “up your game” and “nail the office Style”, making strong statements with your appearance wherever you go and whatever the occasion.
From the snazzy short Agbada and Kaftans for weekend dos, to figure hugging jackets, form fitting pants, embroidered Royal caps and more. The Stylish Man, would be here to chart a new fashion and style course for you.
“You cannot score a goal from the bench, dress up and enter the game.”


Monday, 25 November 2013

Butter is to bread, as a shaven armpit is to a sleeveless dress!!!

 Beauty is the characteristic of a person that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction. As ladies, we pay more attention to our outward appearance: “does the shirt sit well?”; “is the skirt form-fitting?”; “are the shoes perfect…while we fail often, to pay attention to our inners, the not-too visible part of our bodies.

The female is a beautiful creature fashioned carefully by the Most High, with many inners which require particular and constant attention. One of such places is the armpit. The armpit is hollow under the arm, at the shoulder. The armpit, once the female reaches puberty begins to grow hair. Whilst the hair at the armpit is a symbol of maturity!!! YES...there again, an over-grown armpit is unsightly; to put it very mildly.

To remove underarm hair (armpit hair) is an excellent idea. It helps to stop excessive sweating, body odour and helps cleanliness in general. When shaven, the armpit looks, feels and smells better. Ironically, sweating has very little to do with the underarm hair. 
Beauty is a total package and if we will go extra miles to look good outwardly, it will do us world of good if the inners receive as much attention.

In taking good care of your well shaven armpit, there are lots of beauty products out there that can do the job. Here are a few of them that you might consider picking when next you go shopping for your beauty products like Sure Spray, Old Spice, Lynx, Right Guard amongst others…..

More importantly, before you put on that sleeveless shirt or dress, please take a second look at the armpit and make sure it’s as hairless as an infant’s bum!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Glam up that animal print! Or down!!!

The animal print brings excitement and versatility to every outfit; it screams “trendy!!!” “classy!!!” “sassy!!!” They come in various shades. Rather than buy the everyday white and black zebra print outfit, buy it in black and red, or pink and white. Another vibrant rendition of leopard print could be done in blue, red or pink. Don’t be afraid to create fashion statements at the workplace, Strut the animal with grace and class. The animal trend never goes out of fashion; this piece is a wardrobe essential that gives you that added edge, though very challenging to wear. 

This episode would shed more light on how to glam the animal print up or down.
ü  Turn that simple animal print dress to a glam outfit with the right accessories- Team that outfit with bright colours depending on how daring you are. Shades that work well with the animal to glam them up are: RED, EMERALD GREEN, COBALT, PINK, ORANGE, and FLOURESCENT. I simply love this idea, because these colours “steal” some attention away from the print…. Throw on a red blazer on that animal skin Midi skirt/Pants… OMGGG with a killer red lip, ouuucchhh girl you will be killing the game!


ü  Team two different prints; while some schools of thought are of the opinion that only one part of the outfit should be wild, SassySaffy disagrees. Team the right prints and YOU’RE guaranteed to turn all heads….After all, fashion is about making statements.
ü  For those who feel the wild is too intense, you can tone down the effect with white or black accessories; a white or black blazer would perform the magic and make you look as simple and chic.
ü  A single coloured Cardigan- Beige, Cream.
ü  Light coloured shoes.



Watch out for a new segment called “SassyGrooming”; this segment hinges on grooming, a part of total beauty package that can make or mar great looks.