Friday, 27 February 2015


Scarlett Johansson strutted down the red carpet of the 2015 Oscars in this exotic piece, paired perfectly with an Emerald green Atelier Versace gown and oh la la...........what a piece!!

This Swarovski work of art is exactly the same colour as her dress and contrary to popular opinion, it didn't take anything away from the piece. matter of fact, i think it draws your attention to it......and keeps it with it.

This piece is bold, it's daring and in this case ladies, the more you look, the more you like! What think you?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Burgundy Blues

Burgundy is the new Black……  Burgundy is a deep red colour, similar to Maroon, Cordovan and Oxblood.This elegant colour is a huge hit this season, it blends well with other colours. A must- have for every lady, it is ultra feminine & stylish  and can be combined with elegant prints for a sophisticated look…..

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tulle Skirts…………A splash of style!!!

"Tulle" is a mesh net fabric that is made of various fibers, it is extremely fine and lightweight. 

Think of Tulle and the first thing that will probably come to mind are wedding veils followed closely by ballerina tutus. This versatile fabric has been around for more than three centuries and it first became associated with weddings when Queen Victoria used it to create her bridal gown in 1840. Since then, it has been used for things such as petticoats, costumes, hats, lingerie and so on.


Tulle has since made a comeback and it is mostly used in skirts. These skirts are not for the conservative Fashionista, as most of their designs are naturally flashy. They bother on the edgy at their most conservative ………and bold & fierce at their most flamboyant!

They always come with a banded waist that draws the eye to the waist before flaring out and as such is perfect for all body type. They are chic and can be dressed up or down for any event. They come in various colours and lengths and the flare can vary in proportion to your daring.
Rock the Tulle skirt with simple/plain blouses, t-shirts even tank tops for a balanced exotic look.
So ladies, make a splash of style like Carrie Bradshaw did in the famous bus-splashing scene of SATC…………….I mean, who better to emulate style wise!!
Tulle is a light weight, very fine netting that is commonly used for making garments and more recently, ballerina skirts. Tulle skirts also known tutus have been around for a while now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Every lady needs a pair or 2 in her wardrobe as this year unfolds. Tulle skirts are very versatile and can be pulled-off by ladies with various body shapes especially curvy kamdolls. They come in various textures and lengths (mini,midi or long) and this makes them perfect all year around irrespective of the weather or season. When matched with complimenting pieces and shoes, tulle skirts create various chic and glam looks

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