Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Spot it Ladies, it's baseball caps!!!

The Baseball caps are everywhere now…..they are a cute, sporty and fashionable trend. Ideal for a weekend/ casual outing, the cap can be rocked with Jeans/ Shorts on a Tee shirt and Heels, Dresses and sneakers, or even a baseball shirt and jeans........practically anything! 

Except native attires that is...... *wink*....Whichever way you choose to rock this trend, you’ ll look chic, smart and snazzy. Gone are the days when a babe would be tagged a “Tom boy” when she wears a cap, these days, the labels are stylish, trendy and dashing!

There’s an edgy and feminine twist to this look which ll leave guys drooling, there's just something about a girl in a cap!