Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Agbada....The Renaissance of the 3-piece garb'

Gone are those days when the men who wore Agbada were kings, chiefs, fathers of the brides and grooms. Agbada is all the rage now and I can categorically tell you that a lot of young men are rocking it!

This traditional male attire of the Yoruba tribe is making a comeback and many young, dapper men are finding it realllllllly interesting. A lot of them choose to customize it to their own taste by making their buba short-sleeved instead of the traditional long sleeve.

Agbada gives the illusion of a longer body and gives you that regal bearing most people associate with royalty. I think every young man should have one or two in their wardrobe. It makes you look stylish, elegant and hot! I mean……….just take a look at these guys………yummy! *wink*


Wow at that event..... LEAVE THEM  DROOLING!!!
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