Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Aso-oke goes hot! in Ombre!!!

The Aso-Oke fabric is a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria. There are 3 major types of Aso-Oke: Alaari, Sanyan & Etu, usually worn for ceremonies in Yoruba land....

Over the years, the Aso-Oke has evolved into a fashion item- A fashion "must-use" for every traditional wedding by the Bride and Groom...

The Aso-Oke design screaming TRENDY and CLASSY in 2014  is the Ombre ......."Ombre" is a French word which means "shading" or having shades of a particular colour, graduating from light to dark. E.g , a Blue Ombre will have various blue shades- turquoise,sky,navy..... while Pink Ombre will have Fushia, Rose etc



The Ombre effect on Aso-Oke is simply amazing, as it brings out the beauty in every outfit its matched with. Why don't you all take a sit back, relax as i take you on an OMBRE tour...

Friday, 25 July 2014

Aso-Ebi Trend Alert- The Lily-Wrap!!! (Season 2)

By popular demand, SassySaffy  brings to your view another edition of the Lily Wrap. In case you missed the 1st edition, Click here: Aso-Ebi Trend Alert- The Lily-Wrap!!! .

This trend is a 2014 bang, the redefinition of the Iro & Buba, and the elegance cannot be over-emphasised.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


The Burberry pattern is a luxurious one similar to the plaid pattern. It comes in different colours- Tan, Red, Purple, White, Blue etc. Why don't you try out the scarves to make a fashion statement....

Hijab Freestyle with Burberry...

Friday, 18 July 2014

Monday Work-wear Fashion Contest !!!

Monday Work-wear Fashion Contest

Guys!, lets get down to the Contest..... 
We have here pictures of 10 Gorgeous ladies in their work outfits. Ope, Olawande, Buiti,  Kiki, Squarezz, Kim,  Lola, Cutie, Licious and Olamipo, Who will be the winner? who will be the Work- wear Stunner? , the Corporate Fashionista.....You will all be the Judges. I ll look forward to comments and votes from you all. 
Thank you darlings as you decide who wins!