Saturday, 1 March 2014

Aso-Ebi Trend Alert- The Lily-Wrap!!!

Hello Guys! You’re all welcome to this new segment known as “Sassy aso-ebi”. Here, we will showcase trendy ensembles in the aso-ebi fashion scene. Various outfits/ ideas which will help you nail that next event.

The art of wrapper-tying is not a new trend…. It’s a traditional one which has been in existence for ages. However, this style has evolved into a more stylish and innovative one. Wrappers are now been tied into knots.  This trend which is Tiffany Amber inspired is often called “The Knot-Wrapper” or “The Lily Twist”. I personally think this trend is super cool, as it has been strutted on red carpet by celebrities and “fashionistas” who nail every event.


This Lily-wrap gives that chic, sophisticated and unique look. The fabrics which can be used are numerous- Silk, Chiffon, Satin, George, velvet etc. The beautiful things about the Lily- outfit is that there are a zillion and one blouse-styles which can be worn with the wrapper. This ranges from the regular “Buba”, umbrella, scoop-neck, round-neck or bib, blouses amongst others. The wrapper is delicately wound round the blouse to form an inverted knot which gives it an elegant finish.




ü      Grab both ends  of the wrapper
ü      Bring the ends across each other and interchange your hands.
ü      Twist the ends, switch them across each other and take to the back. 
T   Tie neatly. You can either tuck the loose ends in or leave them hanging from the knotted edge



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