Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Happy Independence Fiestal!!!

The colour green symbolizes nature fertility, growth, lushness ………..all these words are words we use when we pray for our nation; Nigeria. In Muslim countries, green is a holy color and in Ireland, a lucky color. Green was the color of the heavens in the Ming Dynasty and in Nigeria, green is the colour of our independence.

Our flag of green-white-green proclaims our liberation and in celebration of our 54th anniversary tomorrow, here is praying for a Nigeria that is great in every aspect and envied all over the world.
 And so, for the Compatriots who wish to arise in green solidarity tomorrow, here are some tips! 


Thursday, 25 September 2014


Animal prints!!!! The timeless prints which never go out of vogue.In case you missed our last post on Animal prints, click here Bring the wild to work & Glam up the animal prints.

This post will showcase various ways to rock the Animal Prints Blazer. This fashion item is a stunner, it screams luxury & class. This Blazer is a statement piece which makes any simple outfit instantly CHIC...Irrespective of what colours you match them with, you stand out and  look as gorgeous as ever...Very unique and versatile, they look yummy when matched with RED, CORAL, GREEN, COBALT...i can go on & on.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Midi rules………Midi rings!!!

Midi rings, sometimes referred to as Knuckle rings are fashion rings, usually smaller than a basic ring & they sit right above the knuckle. These rings are popping everywhere, as they have made a huge splash in the world of fashion. It’s time to bid chunky, cocktail rings goodbye & embrace exquisite Midi rings.

Before the advent of the Midi ring trend, there was a general rule- “If your rings don’t fit, don’t wear them!”… Now, we can conveniently stack them all in! How awesome!. These little cute pieces add elegance to your accessories, give your fingers a longer & slimmer look.

Would you rock the “Midi rings”????


You can find a wide range of midi rings from ASOS UK,

Friday, 5 September 2014

Sassy of the Week (Work Style Blogger) -Stephanie!!!

This week’s Sassy,……Stephanie is the brain behind METROGYPSIE- A Work style fashion blog which explores fashion trends for Stylish workers.

Think Style, elegance and grace, Stephanie comes to mind. Her fashion sense is top notch & demure.She dresses to suit every occasion- Needless say more, her pictures will say it all, as she  definitely practices what she preaches. 

About Stephanie: 
My name is Stephanie , I'm a workaholic, who's always busy thinking about something,doing something and then trying to start doing another, crazy. For example I cannot watch TV without being on my Phone or making some list or the other.

I've got an MSc in Economics, and Msc in International Business and I'm currently a Management Consultant with a reputable company in London.

Extremely enthusiastic about style, trends and most things fashion, I started a Work Fashion blog from my brand name, METROGYPSIE, last year (2013)...http://www.metrogypsie.org/

My flair for style emanated from my Dad who was always supportive about me discovering my personal style and experimenting from the age of 8/9 while in Primary School. My mum was a tad more conservative but she loved Jewelry A LOT. As little as 10, I was already rocking them huge vintage earrings that clipped to shut.





Your Idea of Fun?

Watching series, Shopping, Blogging, Traveling, Social Media, Hanging and talking with friends 



What do you love about Fashion?

It's degree of expressiveness, is so wide.  It inspires me, makes me happy, gives me the opportunity to express what I'm feeling at a point in time, makes me able to categorize people. 
It's like a genre in life, a certain language as you can communicate and  be drawn to certain people without having to say much.

Where I Shop Till I Drop:

Vintage Markets, TKMaxx, Topshop, Zara


Fashion pet-peeve?

 Females: Wobbling in your heels, it shows you are not comfortable and you obviously cannot portray confidence doing that.
 Males: I really love men that smell good so maybe bad smelling Men. Lol!



What fashion item can’t you do without?

High-Waisted Skirt

If I Could Steal a Celebrity’s Wardrobe:

Blake Lively & Mrs Nkiru Anumundu

Favorite hair-look:

Kinky Braids

Favourite Sassy Saffy's Post?

"Box it in style….Box it in Braids"

Instagram Handle---@jaunelion

Instagram Handle---@metrogypsie

To be featured on this segment, “Sassy of the week”, simply send an e-mail to sassysaffy1@gmail.com with a brief description of your style and 2 photos showing your style. After your email has been received, you would be required to send in more photos later.