Thursday, 30 October 2014

"Dare to Bare".......Bliss at the Beach!!!

Yayyy!!! Guys!!!!TGIF!!! Am dancing "Shoki" mehn!!*smiles*
The weekend is here again..Time to party,mingle & have you all have been thinking of how to get your groove on this weekend, The Beach or a Boat Cruise won't be out of place darlings.
Beach ready? Take a glance at these pictures & see beautiful pieces designed for the beach.

Kimonos make the perfect beach embellishment...They can be worn on a simple tank top and shorts and as a cover-up over a Bikini if you wont dare to bare.

A yellow Kimono
A Multi-coloured Kimono
Jessica Alba in a Turquoise floral print Kimono

A White Kimono


Thursday, 23 October 2014

The SLIT is back!!!

Slits have always been in vogue, either on dresses or skirts. This season, the "slit" has rejuvenated into what is called "Thigh-High" slits....... These are  pretty high double slits, sultry, exquisite and utterly gorgeous.

This post would take you on a tour & show you how to rock the Thigh-High slitted Maxi dresses.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blazer on the DOTS !!!

Sequel to the last post on Polka dots,  this post is about my personal favorite.....POLKA IN A BLAZER.  You have to admit that there is something inherently sophisticated about polka dots.
After this post, i bet you would all stock up on Polka blouses....

Regardless of the cut or style of your Blazer, you are sure to find a polka blouse that fits perfectly well.
Yellow Blazer on Polka
When paired with colourful Blazers, Polka blouses are simply awesome. The beauty of the Polka blouse is that it can be rocked with any Blazer colour........Red, Yellow, Teal, Mustard,Cobalt,White,Black, Lemon,Mint...... The list is endless

Now that you all know about this feminine sultry piece, Hurry!!! Get yours , BLAZE A POLKA TRAIL!!!

Mint Blazer on Polka
Green Blazer on Polka
Red Blazer on Polka
Mustard Blazer on Polka
Fushia Pink Blazer on Polka

Teal Blazer on Polka
Teal Blazer on Polka
Cobalt Blazer on Polka
Maron Blazer on Polka

Denim on Polka
Mustard Blazer on Polka