Sunday, 29 June 2014

Scarf Styles for the season !!!

Ramadan brings with it blessings of all kinds and everyone brings out the good side in them for this Holy month. Carrying the right kind of attire this month is the most important part for the Muslim community. However, you can wear the right clothes and still be a Fashionista.

Here a few tips on how to wear the scarf differently this month and still look as unique & chic. A scarf can be worn in different styles. You can select colors of scarves according to your dress shades. It is up to you whether you choose plain scarves or printed. If you are wearing a simple dress then you must pair it with bold scarf. It is very simple to wear a scarf. There are different scarf styles: The Knotty twists, Bunny knots, Turban, Side bun,Dough Knots, Rosette wraps amongst others.

Video Tutorial on the various ways how to tie the scarf:

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Thank you for the enlightenment. It was highly informative.I love the picture with bunny scarf. You look so cute.Please do us a post on hijabs too.

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These styles are amazing..